People Line Up For Free TiVos

from the yeah,-but-now-they-have-to-pay dept

As expected , thousands of people showed up TiVo headquarters to get their free TiVo today. The company had 2,000 to give out, and about 2,500 people showed up. The remaining 500 received $50 off coupons… that expire tonight. Of course, none of these people got free service, so TiVo might want to pay attention to how many of those now go sign up for service and start to do the math about how many more service users they would have if they simply gave the boxes away, rather than clinging to their efforts to recoup the expense of the box.

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Comments on “People Line Up For Free TiVos”

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Ceec says:

Re: What about TV's?

Months? No.

You need a TV, a phone line, and a credit card. Subscribing is done via the TiVo itself, and is activated immediately. From the time you open the box, to the time you’re ready to record, it takes maybe an hour. Though about 2/3rds of that is for the box to download and install software updates.

Not Al (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re: What about TV's?

Yeah, but then what do you see? Is it just the standard cable TV garbage of 500 reality shows?

Think of TiVo as a spam filter for your TV. It records the stuff you like (or that TiVo thinks you might like based on what you’ve recorded previously or rated thumbs up).

You tell TiVo you like reality shows, it records reality shows. You watch “Will And Grace” one time one day, and TiVo thinks you’re gay.

Kevin says:

Re: Re: Re:2 What about TV's?

Ignore dorpus. I remember him from a long time ago trolling and asking stupid questions.

What a boring cynical answer, ‘500 reality shows’. Maybe if you had a tivo you’d realize there is a lot of good TV out there, but you probably just sit there, a captive of network scheduling, watching those reality tv shows, which I have never even seen because I have tivo.

In fact I watch plenty of tv and I dont even think I’ve watched network tv in over a year. Is Friends still on the air? is ER? I have absolutely no idea!

Pussy says:

Re: Re: Re:4 What about TV's?

So you don?t own a TV, and you don?t watch TV (presumably because you are simply so much better than the rest of us) but you just KNOW that there is nothing on TV worth viewing?

If you don?t watch, how do you know?

Apparently you simplemindedly believe the hippie propaganda that says ?All TV = bad.?

Perhaps if you knew what you were talking about (which by your own admission, and your own statements you make it clear that you do not) you could be taken seriously. As it is? it seems too much time has been wasted on you already.

dorpus says:

Re: Re: Re:5 What about TV's?

When I used to own a TV, there was nothing worth watching. After I stopped owning a TV, and on occasions when I watched TV somewhere else, there continued to be nothing worth watching.

I have not heard of any dramatic improvements in the quality of TV programming, and nobody here has claimed it either.

xman says:

Re: Re: Re:6 What about TV's?

I have to agree with dorpus here. I do own a TV (OK not in the USA of course) and I almost never watch it – there is only rarely anything that is of the slightest interest to me on. I don’t have cable pr satellite, because that is 500 channels of nothing : disney crap, sport crap, hollywood crap. I *might* watch some of the music channels sometimes but mostly they are top-40 crap too. Oh not forgetting auction and shopping channels which are actually quite entertaining for a minute or two because you can laugh at the crap they sell.

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