Man Dies While Geocaching?

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Geocaching, the process of creating little “caches” of random items for others to find after posting the GPS coordinates online has received some attention over the past few years — mainly in stories about geeks trying to come up with something (please, anything) to do to justify their new GPS toys. However, it may get a bit of negative attention now. Apparently, a 64-year-old man fell to his death while trying to hunt down a geocache. The story doesn’t call it geocaching, but calls it an “internet scavenger hunt” and mentions that he was “using a recently-purchased global positioning system to find his way,” so it’s likely he was just out geocaching, and slipped down a ravine. Anyone want to take bets on when the first article will come out that somehow describes geocaching as a dangerous “underground” activity? Update: Thanks to Trey for sending in an article with more detailed information, saying that, indeed, it was geocaching.

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Comments on “Man Dies While Geocaching?”

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dorpus says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Geosniping

“Well, the best I can say is that Dorpus needs to grow up or get something beyond a ditigal life.”

What would that something be? In my life, words on the screen have a tendency to turn into women who come out of airplanes. I’m still dealing with the aftermath of a woman who flew in from Japan to see me, her angry boyfriends have been calling me up every day, and since I’m not interested in her, she’s been playing the standard Asian mind games — “I’ve been throwing up a lot. Do you think I’m pregnant?” or “I have a terrible rash on my arm, I think it’s a virus.” Yeah, right. I got her to confess she’s just BSing me.

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