ICANN Approves Two More Useless Domains To Get More Fees

from the but-why,-oh-why? dept

ICANN has done it again. Just a few months after approving two top level domains that weren’t needed (.travel and .post) they’ve given the preliminary okay to .jobs and .mobi. These two domains serve no real purpose other than to bring in more money for ICANN and the various domain name registrars. We’ve already discussed why a mobile top level domain isn’t needed in reference to the private offering around .mp. There’s less and less of a reason to have a separate domain for mobile devices. The .jobs domain situation is even worse. Were people really having that much trouble finding the “jobs” pages on various company websites? That seems unlikely. In fact, the stories we’ve seen suggest recruiters are being inundated with resume spam from undeserving candidates. All this really means is that all these companies will now feel the need to go out and register their company name with the .jobs registrar, even if they have no real need for it. This filters more money back to the registrars, and, in turn, to ICANN. If ICANN really wants to expand top level domains, why not open it up to any TLD, instead of randomly dribbling out one or two every few months, creating a new rush from companies who feel they have to protect their brand names?

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Comments on “ICANN Approves Two More Useless Domains To Get More Fees”

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hotspam says:

No Subject Given

I’m glad the recruiters are getting spammed too. I got so much crap for unrelated positions from third party recruiters after registering on hotjobs and monster and clicking the “principals only” or whatever the field was for hiding contact information from the “we’s got no jobs but we knows of someone who does” companies and individuals.

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