How Dare You Want To Store And Stream Your DVDs

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Because, apparently, they’re afraid that someone who spends $27,000 on a DVD jukebox is then going to steal movies, the DVD Copy Control Association is suing the maker of the massively expensive jukebox for bypassing their copy protection. The company in question is quite surprised by the lawsuit, noting that they’ve worked with the DVD CCA throughout the process to make sure there were no problems. Either way, is the industry really afraid that someone who spent the equivalent of a nice car on a DVD player system is now going to cheap out on buying DVDs? Obviously not. What they’re trying to do is set a precedent, so that when others (Microsoft? TiVo?) come out with much cheaper systems for storing and streaming movies, no one will actually be able to use them. Whatever happened to the world that existed when you bought a product, you were then free to use it however you wanted?

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