Cop Fired For Using Database To Spy On Ex-Wives

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Here’s a fun one for people who keep pushing for a more complete database that ties together all of an individual’s personal information. People who complain point out that the data could be misused. Those who support the concept say that only trained law enforcement officials will have access to the data. Of course, what happens when you can’t trust the trained law enforcement officials? A police officer in Ohio has been fired after it was discovered he’s been spying on multiple ex-wives and relatives using the police database system. What’s interesting is how it was discovered. One of the wives noted that he seemed to have information he shouldn’t have. So, does that suggest a possible way to set up such a database — by letting those whose information is in the database see how it’s being used? By turning the spying around on those who have access to the database, someone in the database could make sure that it wasn’t being (mis)used without their knowledge.

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Comments on “Cop Fired For Using Database To Spy On Ex-Wives”

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auMoose Cowherda (user link) says:

Cop Fired For ...

with the increasing amount of counter-terrorism laws being passed, the number of individual databases being merged is increasing and the accessability of ‘private data’ is widening considerable. the level of accountability and auditability is conversly being weakened. recent nsw,au legislation allows police to bug and access bank records etc without any ‘visible’ ie public notification for periods of 6 mths for suspected terrorists et al.

currently police need a reason to stop u to request identity eg speeding, violent behaviour. new laws proposed allow police to effectively stop anyone, request their drivers license or passport, and obviously detain if they think there is something wrong. communism has died but stalinist fascists are alive & burgeoning in the west …

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: How to protect society from misuse of power?

How do ‘We the people’ prevent those in control, (e.g. the police) from misusing their power.
A solution to this problem is really worthwhile.
How about: “You are told of all data requests after a certain time period – say a year”.
The policeman in the story would know that he would be found out. This would be the reason for honesty.
This is especially needed for government organizations where there is a huge imbalance of power between the ‘watchers’ and the ‘watched’.
Rather than assume that they would never misuse the power – make them easy to catch. And punish then also!
The searcher might have to enter the reason for the search. Automated tools could detect unusual trends in searches – to protect society!
Any other suggestions? Objections?

Debbie Rogers says:

My ex spies on me, has lied under oath in court, drives his police vehicle way out of the district, threatens to kill me and I can do nothing to stop it. I have called 911 only having his friends show up and they ask him nicely to please leave. If it had been Joe Blow down the street, he would have been arrested. He has stolen from the property room, used confiscated drugs, screws prostitutes on the job. I have tried several times and have pictures to present as evidence. I can’t get an audience. Can someone help me get justice? Oh, by the way, he is married to a judge.

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