Who Comes Up With These Awards?

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It’s not at all clear who determines what “awards” there are for websites. There already are the webbies and the bloggies and lots of other stuff. Every once in a while we get nominated for other awards and I never know how serious they are — so I rarely mention them. While I have no idea who’s behind the Weblog Awards, or what the deal is, a lot of people seem positively pissed off at us for not mentioning that we were nominated — suggesting maybe there are some people who take these things a bit too seriously. I’m not quite sure I understand the anger, but, fine, we are among a bunch of other sites nominated for the 2004 Weblog Awards, in the Best Tech Blog category. If you like to vote in those types of things, then feel free. Right now, it basically looks like a proxy fight for which site is more popular between Gizmodo or Engadget — which seems sort of like a Coke/Pepsi type battle: some people say they can tell the two apart, but I think they’re lying.

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Comments on “Who Comes Up With These Awards?”

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Seth (user link) says:

Re: But why?

Hopefully the quantity of people visiting the site and the software running it are not the sole determining factors. I personally feel this site offers insightful commentary and interesting, quality articles. And to be honest, most comments people leave on other sites aren’t worth a damn anyway. I voted for Techdirt.

dorpus says:

Re: Re: But why?

Conversely, Mike will only comment on topics he feels qualified to speak on, namely business trends in IT-related fields. He has a lot less to say on non-IT technologies, or on non-IT/non-business perspectives of technology. Everything is stated from the narrow world view of MIB types. It’s good to know about the folly of their small worlds.

Steve Mueller (user link) says:


I think I can tell the difference between Coke & Pepsi. Pepsi is much sweeter (not to my liking), while Coke has more of a bite. I’ll be happy to try a blind taste test for you, Mike.

As for the blogging software, who cares? That’s a secondary consideration compared to the content. However, I will admit to wishing the software was more powerful — reply notification and post editing would be two of my biggest requests.

Finally, I can only imagine the people who might be upset that you didn’t mention being nominated ? the award promoters and, maybe, whoever nominated you.

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