Tight Jeans: The Bane Of Mobile Phones Everywhere

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I have a relatively old mobile phone that has taken one too many falls. Last month, while traveling, I ended up dropping it on the pavement, snapping the part that holds the “flip” part of the flip phone. Amazingly enough, a little crazy glue got it back together and working without too much trouble. Many others, however, are not so lucky. It shouldn’t surprise many that the number one cause of broken mobile phones is that they were dropped. Amusingly, however, number four on the list is mobile phones “thrown to the ground in rage,” which is not that far off from dropped phones. Most of the other destructive methods involve the phones getting wet (used in the rain, dropped in the toilet, dropped in the sea, dropped in the snow, sweat on the phone while working out). However, the oddest of all is that right up there in the number two spot is phones destroyed by being put in pockets of jeans that are simply too tight. Apparently, something has to give, and often its the mobile phone. So, it’s time to take off some weight, if only for the sake of your phone.

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Comments on “Tight Jeans: The Bane Of Mobile Phones Everywhere”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Phone robustness...

I’ve had a Kyocera Palm phone for years. It’s fallen off the roof of my car at least five times, once at 40mph (I was speeding away and saw it fly off in my rear view mirror…) and it still lives.

And this is a phone with a very large screen, much like a Palm. The case is cracked a little at the bottom, but not a big deal. I keep it in my pants pocket all the time, no issues. One of my clients is Nokia and everybody there gives me crap about my phone, but I always point out that there is no way their phones are as durable as this one has proven to be….

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