Techdirt Goes To Wall Street

from the well...-not-exactly dept

We won’t normally link to Wall Street Journal articles, seeing as they’re subscription only (edit: lucky us, the WSJ has made the article today’s “free feature” — meaning it is available, just for one day to non-subscribers), but today’s WSJ is carrying an article that talks about how Techdirt helps companies keep up with news and trends with our personalized, customized research and analysis blogs which we write for our corporate customers on a daily basis. It’s also the first public mention of the fact that Volkswagen is a customer of ours, and includes a nice quote from Volkswagen about how they use our service. Volkswagen has been a great customer for quite some time, and we’ll soon be releasing some more information on that relationship. Just a nice reminder that the reason you get to read the free content we put here on Techdirt’s public sites every day is thanks to the growing success of our Techdirt Corporate Intelligence service. For those who don’t know, (and we keep hearing that many readers don’t know) Techdirt Corporate Intelligence provides private, customized blogs to a variety of companies across many different industries, complete with our typical thoughtful analysis, looking at how news, events, stories, information and trends all impact those customers specifically on a daily basis — while also making recommendations concerning what those companies might want to do in response. It’s always nice when that side of the business gets some recognition.

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Comments on “Techdirt Goes To Wall Street”

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dorpus says:

Re: Re: What happens when

Are you telling me newspapers aren’t in jeopardy, TV news ratings aren’t on the decline? There isn’t a vast oversupply of people who want media or IT jobs?

Could it be that news agencies are being overly generous by providing free news on the internet? Back in the early 1990s, news agencies used to go after people who illegally copied news onto the internet. If news agencies had chosen to act like the music industry, then techdirt would go bankrupt tomorrow, and Mike would have to get a real job. We should be thankful to news agencies that they provide any free news at all.

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