Bill Gates' 4 Million Daily Spams A Bit Of An Exaggeration

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Remember the widely reported story about Steve Ballmer telling the world that Bill Gates gets 4 million spam message a day and has a whole department filtering mail for him? Well, it turns out that, Ballmer (as he is known to do) was exaggerating by quite a bit. In an interview with reporter Mike Wendland, Ballmer admits Gates only gets 4 million spam message per year, which is quite different. This was about the same time that he took on the tech support role of helping Wendland deal with his own spam problem, and offering to get him in touch with the spam gurus working on the Gates account.

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Comments on “Bill Gates' 4 Million Daily Spams A Bit Of An Exaggeration”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: off by 1 billion

I have concrete evidence that the new windows media center is a con from bill gates- if you register the product then he can trace back your pc through your serial number on your pc and he can get into all your files!!!!

he has a deal with music companies to trace illegal music downloaders so my advice is… either GET IT BUT DONT REGISTER

PS: i understand that it has little to do with the subject but this is information which must be publicised.

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