UK Drivers Ignoring Driving While Yakking Ban Just Like Everyone Else

from the no-surprise-there dept

About a year ago we noted that, despite a law banning driving while yakking in New York, most people ignored the law. However, New Yorkers may have a reputation for… well… occasional law-breaking. So, would the same thing happen elsewhere? Seems like it. Following a ban of driving while yakking in the UK, a new study shows that (you guessed it) many people are completely ignoring the ban there as well. Next, we’ll see that (just as in NY), the number of accidents has remained the same.

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Comments on “UK Drivers Ignoring Driving While Yakking Ban Just Like Everyone Else”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Unenforceable laws were made to be broken and we regularly break them daily …

Speed to work ?
Yak on the phone while driving ?
Download a song ?
Smoke in no-smoking areas ?
Park in handi-capped spaces ?
Jaywalk ?
File share ?

Rules that the majority do not believe in will never be truly enforceable. Perhaps the democratic government bodies need to be reminded of this.

Wizzie says:

So the thread is a month old...

… at least it’ll be archived by Google. Anyway.
I will never, EVER understand the animosity so many people have toward cell phones, and toward cell phone users. It’s bizarre.
The animosity toward people who drive while using a cell phone is even more bizarre. Unless you’re such an uncoordinated dunce that you can’t even walk through your own kitchen without banging your head into the refrigerator, speaking on a cell phone while driving is absolutely simple. There’s nothing “dangerous” about it.
I suspect that the folks who get so up in arms about cell phone drivers are very insecure about their own driving abilities/physical skills. Apparently they can’t comprehend how easy it is for the rest of us. Driving is not difficult to do. Let me add to that: Driving SAFELY is not difficult to do. Holding a freaking piece of plastic (a cell phone) while driving it is no more dangerous than holding a piece of vinyl (a stick shift) while driving.
Some people just like to complain about stuff, especially new stuff, and especially new technology. There is no need for laws against using a cell phone while driving. It’s just more legislative stupidity, dreamed up by lawmakers who have nothing better to do than, well, sit around law-making.

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