Are Suckers Really Born Every Day, Or Will Spam Die Out?

from the we-shall-see... dept

Forbes is running a review of Brian McWilliams’ Spam Kings, and points to the claim that, while many people seem to order from spam, not that many people order twice. In other words, spam buyers may actually learn their lesson. While some may scoff at that idea (and there are certainly some people who happily buy from spam over and over again), McWilliams hopes that there really aren’t new suckers born everyday. As enough of those suckers learn that they’ve been scammed, he believes, the economics of spam may tilt enough in the other direction that it will no longer be profitable. So far, however, it appears that there are still plenty of suckers left.

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Comments on “Are Suckers Really Born Every Day, Or Will Spam Die Out?”

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1 Comment
Crazoo (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Spam will never die out because for every 100 people who just delete it, 1 person will view and click on the ad. And for every 100 people who click on the ad, 1 will buy the product.

Spam is just too profitable for it to ever die out.

The only way it will die out is with superior technology with “smart” filters to block spam. But the spammers will always find ways around this…

Spam is here to stay =(

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