Making Printer Ink More Expensive (But Worth It)?

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Printer companies are facing a lot of problems recently. As people have realized that the strategy is to sell the printers cheap and then price the ink higher than vintage champagne, they’ve gone looking for alternatives — which aren’t so hard to find. The printer companies have been fighting back. Lexmark failed to block competition using the DMCA, but other moves have been a bit more subtle, including a marketing effort to convince people that off-brand and counterfeit ink cartridges are bad news. However, it appears that strategy hasn’t accomplished as much as some had hoped. So, rather than just trashing the competitors, printer companies are looking to convince people their branded ink is really worth it. Yes, that’s right, HP and others are now trying to go with a “premium pricing” strategy, where they admit that they price things higher, but try to convince people it’s worth it. They’re out promoting the branded ink much more heavily, sometimes giving it “luxury” style names (“Vivera,” “Evercolor”) and claiming that it prints better and faster while also lasting longer. So far, however, it appears that most consumers don’t really care and are still sticking to the cheapest ink they can find.

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Comments on “Making Printer Ink More Expensive (But Worth It)?”

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Michael Kohne says:

Printer Ink

Where do you find non-branded ink carts that aren’t total garbage? I’ve stayed away from third-party ink cartridges for years because every time I try the stupid things I end up with a recycled cartridge that stops working after a day or two (if it works at all). Is it just that I don’t do enough printing to keep a recycled cartridge happy? I’d love a cheaper ink source, but every time I’ve tried it, it’s been a total waste of money. My wife is a teacher and printing tests and what-not pretty regularly, so it’s not like we let the printer sit for weeks at a time.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a source of quality refurb cartridges that I just don’t know about?

gary says:

Re: Printer Ink

I have had no problems finding 3rd party cartridges (ebay is full of them). Refill them yourself. I have filled many a cartridge. On my Lexmark printer. I use 1 black and 1 color. A set cost about $25 each if you shop hard, with outany effort your going to pay close to $35 each, or $50/$70..

I can get a $12 refill kit from COMPUSA and refill the black 4 times and the color 2 times.

So $150-210 of factory ink for $12. I do admit that I have not been able to get more reliable refill over 8 times on black or 4 times on color so I do buy new from time to time but I have also saved enough to make it worth while.

I also refill my black HP cartridges and save a similar amount.

You do have to be careful, READ the re-fill instructions and get a good refill kit but its worth it. Whats the worse that can happen, You destroy a cheap printer.

CelticWraith52 says:

Ink Cartridges

I’m sure I’m going to sound foolish to those who love off-brand and re-furbished ink cartridges but I’ve simply had too many bad experiences with them to ever really go back and try them again, especially with an expensive all in one printer with built in printheads. If they damage the machine or clog the heads you can really be screwed by both the printer’s manufacturer and the ink cartridge maker (does anyone remember the problems with the old Canon BJC 600). I’ll try to hunt around for the best deal I can get for my Epson but I don’t think I’ll be trying any of the other cartridges anytime soon.
Be Well

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