Free Tourist WiFi In Duluth Doesn't Attract Many

Over in Duluth, Minnesota, they apparently installed one of those always-popular free downtown WiFi offerings to attract the tourists. Unfortunately, it seems that not many tourists go to Duluth, and the lure of the WiFi wasn’t strong enough. Locals did end up using it, but just a few of them, as the network averaged only about twelve users a day. It’s not clear that justifies the $7,000 spent. The most amusing part to me, though, was the statement that they had taken down the network for the winter, but would put it back up in the spring. Honestly, I’ve never heard of anyone taking down a WiFi network for the winter, so it seemed quite odd. However I’m in California, and they’re in Duluth, so I’d imagine it seems to make a lot more sense to them considering the winter they’re likely to be experiencing (though, I would think that people should still be able to use the WiFi indoors…).

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