Lexmark Installing Spyware On Computers

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Now that Lexmark can’t keep locking out the competition with a DMCA claim, they’ve had to resort to other sneaky methods to keep customers. The latest is that software that comes with certain Lexmark printers installs spyware on computers without telling the owner. The software apparently monitors and tracks usage. Lexmark claims that it’s not spyware because it doesn’t send personal information — but they don’t explain why the software still asks you for your personal information. However, the personal information part is besides the point. The fact that Lexmark doesn’t tell you your printer is going to be reporting back to home base makes it bad enough. Once you’ve bought your printer (and paid up for the “black gold” — since the ink is more expensive than champagne), there is absolutely no reason why anyone should expect their printer to be sending information back to Lexmark. Maybe Lexmark should install a bit of “tracking software” on their own computers that will send out their financial performance information to each of their customers. Obviously, this is important because Lexmark owners are going to need to be assured that they’ll be able to keep buying Lexmark ink. It seems only fair.

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