Automating The Public Bathroom

from the touch-free dept

You may have noticed, lately, that public bathrooms are increasingly automated, thanks to infrared systems. I’ve been happy to see a number of public bathrooms lately even include automated paper towel dispensers. However, some people aren’t so thrilled, as the infrared doesn’t always work for them, requiring them to dance a little dance just to get the faucet to turn on properly. Then, of course, there’s the opposite problem: the “premature evacuation” or the “inadvertent flushing.” However, apparently the early versions of the technology were poorly designed, and the newer versions are better set up to avoid flushing too early in the process.

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Comments on “Automating The Public Bathroom”

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Beck says:

Touchless Restroom

I can still remember the excitement I felt upon experiencing my first touch-free public restroom. I was amazed that someone had finally come up with an intelligent design! I think it was at the Atlanta airport. No doors to open, the doorway had a couple of 90 degree turns. Auto-flush, auto-sinks, auto-towel-feed.

Dylan Browne (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Touchless Restroom

Auto-flush is just the start. Have you seen the toilets they have in Japan? In 30 years, they have moved from the classic “squat and drop” to these high tech puppies that not only wash your butt with warm water, but then dry it with hot air! No need to wander around with a wet butt. These Toto toilets are far superior to anything I have seen in europe or the US. I think they start at around $5K, so its a bit steep for my home use, but for the office or a hotel I think they are a future must-have.

And now they are coming to the US

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

The auto-sinks are HORRIBLE.

They take away your ability to select temperature. Want cold water, say, to put on paper towel and wipe your face if your not feeling well? Sorry, only warm (or sometimes distubingly hot) water availabled here. Need hot to really clean your hands? Sorry, only lukewarm here.

Taking away choice is bad.

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