DualDisc Has DualProblems: It Doesn't Work Half The Time

from the whoops dept

Xueilonox writes in to point out a test done on one of these new “DualDisc” CD/DVD hybrids. From the sound of the review, it appears that (surprise, surprise) the copy protection scheme on the disc made sure it didn’t work on a variety of computers and players. Another brilliant move by the recording industry: add some features, but make sure that they don’t work properly for your legitimate customers. Meanwhile, the real counterfeiters will quickly figure out how to make copies anyway. End result: more expensive technology, unhappy customers, and no effect in stopping counterfeit products.

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Comments on “DualDisc Has DualProblems: It Doesn't Work Half The Time”

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1 Comment
Steve Mueller (user link) says:


You’d think that by adding DVD content to the CD, you’d get more people who wanted to buy the disc. I suppose people could still rip the CD and DVD tracks and put them on file sharing networks, but that would be a lot more to download.

I bought the Simple Plan CD for $10 at Fry’s, which seemed like a great deal. At that price, why bother pirating? I haven’t tried the disc on a computer or DVD player (it was for my daughter), but I may have to check it out now to see what happens.

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