Concerts On Your Phone?

The latest in broadband video confusion is an effort by 3 UK to offer access to a live concert by video phone. 3 admits that people are on the go and may not want to stay for the entire 45 minute presentation, so they’ll let them come and go… but they’ll still have to pay the full five pounds to view however much they view. 3, as is their nature, overhypes the announcement quite a bit: “It’s like going to a concert hall, except that you are virtually there.” Yes, if that concert is held with tiny people in a miniature box with the crappiest, tiniest sound system in the world. But, yeah, sure, it’s just like being there. First off, is there any evidence that anyone wants to attend a concert this way? Do they want to pay five pounds to be able to see bits and pieces of a tiny concert with bad sound quality for a few minutes when they’re able to? How many times does it need to be repeated that the phone is not a broadcast medium?

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