Court Explains Due Process To The RIAA

from the good-news dept

Here’s another step forward in blocking attempts by the RIAA to turn the US Justice system into their own personal protection racket. Following the Supreme Court’s decision to not hear the case concerning ISPs and the RIAA — effectively saying (for the time being, at least) that ISPs do not have to cough up names to the RIAA without a lawsuit being filed, ISPs have won another battle. A District Court in Pennsylvania has ruled that the RIAA needs to better protect the privacy and due process rights of those they’re accusing of sharing files. ISPs who are subpoenaed have been told to first alert the customers in question and to provide them with detailed information explaining what’s happened with an explanation of how to contest the charges. This helps to protect the individual’s rights, while allowing them to effectively counter the RIAA’s claim, if they believe they are innocent. Update: Just in time, too. The RIAA has filed their latest batch of lawsuits.

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