Lawsuit Against Florida E-Voting Machines Tossed

from the no-surprise-there dept

Following a ruling that said Florida’s rule saying you couldn’t ask for recounts on an e-voting machine was illegal, a lawsuit was filed saying that, based on this, e-voting machines with no paper printouts should be declared illegal for not allowing recounts, as required by the law. However, after an Appeals Court sent the case back to the District Court to look at the details, the District Court has thrown out the case while completely missing the point. The decision talks about how e-voting machines will help solve the problems that occurred in the 2000 election — which wasn’t the point of the lawsuit at all. The issue isn’t solving those problems, but avoiding other, potentially more serious problems. However, on those issues, the judge seems to have decided that the voting machines must work perfectly — despite plenty of evidence suggesting that’s not true at all.

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Comments on “Lawsuit Against Florida E-Voting Machines Tossed”

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red_eye (user link) says:

I hate Big Government...

..but it may be time for us to consider putting an end to the insanity and begin the creation of a new branch. The technology branch. Its task would be to review all legal, patent, copyright etc issues relating to eletronic media and/or transactions. They could weed out the stupid people like this judge and permanently band him from hearing any further technology cases.

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