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WiMax Mobility Squabbles Become Public

from the oh,-that... dept

For all the talk and hype about WiMax, it’s been something of an “open secret” in the industry that Qualcomm has been pushing to delay, stall or derail mobile WiMax (802.16e) in any way possible, realizing that a mobile WiMax is more likely to represent a competitive threat to CDMA-based 3G technologies — where Qualcomm licenses represent the necessary tollbooth. The lack of mobility in the coming version of WiMax is one reason my many are realizing the technology, while good for backhaul, is getting much more attention than it deserves. Well, now, Fujitsu has finally gone public in accusing Qualcomm of deliberately stalling mobile WiMax. What’s amazing is that Intel hold back from making these comments themselves, though, they probably fear the inevitable Intel vs. Qualcomm articles that would appear like wildfire.

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