Voice Over TDD?

IP Wireless is out talking about their deal with Atmel to build VoIP handsets that work on IP Wireless’ UMTS TDD wireless technology. It is a good reminder, first of all, that wireless VoIP does not need to be WiFi, and also shows that a more wide area wireless VoIP solution is already available. However, it’s still a fairly limited solution, considering that TDD coverage is still only in a few locations. Still, if you were beginning to understand just how competitive the next generation of phone service was going to be with all these different technologies from different areas converging, you should be getting a sense of it all by now. For the most part, right now, companies are likely to view TDD (and things like Flarion’s FLASH-OFDM) as data only solutions, but VoIP suddenly makes voice a “data only” solution as well.

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