Man's TV Calls Out For Help

from the how's-that-for-interactive-TV dept

And you thought interactive TV was just about being able to vote on the latest American Idol TV show. A man outside of Portland, Oregon discovered that his TV was actually broadcasting an international distress signal that was picked up by a satellite. A bunch of local authorities and search and rescue folks descended on his apartment to help, when they discovered that it was just a random TV crying out for help. Ever understanding, the authorities then told him if he turned his TV back on, he risked a $10,000 fine for “willingly broadcasting a false distress signal.” Toshiba, makers of the TV, came to the… uh… rescue and gave the man a new TV.

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Comments on “Man's TV Calls Out For Help”

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alternatives says:

Re: No Subject Given

Can someone clarify why this is?

1) Like the Barbies that said ‘math is hard’ – a Yes Man type operation.
2) Someone at Toshiba screwed up and plugged in the wrong module. (unlikely)
3) Someone ‘hacked’ his set as a practicle joke.

Personally I’d like a few such modules. Put ’em in stuff that the locals would steal. Then watch as ppl descend on the location.

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