Supremes Pass On DMCA Review Over Naming File Sharers

from the not-just-yet... dept

After lower courts repeatedly said that Verizon (and other ISPs) had to give up the private info of their customers if the RIAA thought they were file sharing, last year an Appeals Court decided that the RIAA’s position “borders upon the silly” and told them to file lawsuits before getting the names. While the RIAA has now been filing lawsuits first and getting names later, they’re still pushing the courts to overturn this ruling. However, the Supreme Court has turned them down. Of course, pretty much everyone agrees that it’s not because they’re not interested in the case, but more likely because they want more rulings from other lower courts before agreeing to settle the matter once and for all. The RIAA, of course, complains that this will mean destruction for the music industry since they won’t be able to go about extorting a few thousand dollars from unsuspecting teens with quite the same efficiency.

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