WiFi Alliance Discovers A Backbone A Bit Too Late

We’ve been yelling for the WiFi Alliance (and others) to come out and stop all those companies offering proprietary non-standard equipment and calling it “pre-standard” equipment, even though it may not eventually work with actual standardized equipment. It does damage to the brand name and causes consumer confusion and annoyance in the long run. It appears that the Wi-Fi Alliance has finally found a backbone and is threatening to pull WiFi certification from devices that have interoperability problems. The fact that they have to come out and threaten such a move publicly shows how weak they’ve already become. There shouldn’t be any question that equipment that causes interoperability problems shouldn’t have the right to use the WiFi trademark. Of course, WiFi has already gotten to a point that it might not matter. You could easily see some companies not really caring if they no longer have official WiFi certification.

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