No Killer App For 3G?

A group of 3G carriers are now claiming that 3G won’t have a killer app, but will have a bunch of minor, vertically focused apps (wounding apps?!?) that make it worthwhile for individuals in those verticals. While, I’m no fan of the whole “killer app” concept, this strikes me more as an admission from the carriers that they simply have no clue what a killer app for 3G might be. That’s fine. Most killer apps actually do take industries by surprise and aren’t predicted. My problem with the concept of killer apps is simply the companies that think they can predict a killer app, rather than simply focusing on making a good product that people want, and doing their best to leverage the benefits of new technologies (rather than simply copying old technologies). So, perhaps it’s a good thing that the carriers are finally giving up on the concept. Maybe it will help them to open up a bit, take down the walled gardens, and let developers move on with actually creating the killer apps the carriers don’t believe in.

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