Meet The New VCs… Same As The Old VCs?

from the certainly-look-familiar dept

Business 2.0 is running an article about “the next generation” of venture capital firms, suggesting that they’re somehow different from the last generation of firms. Of course, when you look at the details, they really don’t seem all that different. First, they’re going with smaller funds, which is described as under $200 million. Under $200 million really isn’t that small for a VC firm, and plenty of “last generation” VC firms had funds of that size. Second, it says they’re specializing in specific areas. There were a ton of so-called “niche” VC firms in the past that invested in specific sectors or geographies (the two areas described in this article), so again, it’s hard to see what’s especially “new” or “next generation” about this crop of VCs.

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Comments on “Meet The New VCs… Same As The Old VCs?”

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1 Comment
MRN (user link) says:

VC's still vultures, too.

I didn’t try to start a company or raise money during the bubble or before, but I was working and saw a lot of the nonsense that did go on. Today I’m finally moving forward with my own company because the time is right, the technology is right, the market is there and a host of other things that are considered necessary pre-requisites for a successful start-up. I’ve started feeling out the VC’s for the next round. Meh. I’m not impressed so far, but then I haven’t met a VC yet who’s actually made his own money. That’s the guy I want to talk to.

So the article doesn’t surprise me at all. They’re marketing guys! For cryin’ out loud. Of course they’re going to try to re-package the same old hash and say it’s better this time around.

Cash flow, baby, cash flow.

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