Anti-Spam Companies Getting Lots Of Money

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VCs are still pouring plenty of money into anti-spam firms, as four different companies apparently raised an additional $50 million over the past few weeks. While we clearly need better tools for fighting spam, I always wonder about companies who, if they’re successful, no longer have a reason to be in business. It makes the incentives very strange — and makes you question what the companies (and the investors) see as a success.

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Comments on “Anti-Spam Companies Getting Lots Of Money”

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Paul (user link) says:

The best solution does not involve these companies

Think about the hundreds of private phone networks in the world – they all talk to each other and you can pick up a phone on one network and talk to other people on other networks.

Now think of private email networks that don’t use the SMTP protocol but a simple use of the HTTP and other protocols through a web browser interface, with all of the PENs talking to each other behind the scenes using web services.

With the exception of the fact that people in the U.S. are generally limited to only one land-line choice, this model works. And with cell and Internet based phone services now popping up, that problem will disappear soon, too.

Don’t dismiss using simple tools that already exist to fix the spam problem. We have been working on it for 2 years and it is now working very nicely with some test groups. It is the future and no one will own it as a whole.

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