Ringtones… For Your Breasts?

This one has to fall under the odd-Friday-too-much-free-time category, but apparently, there’s a new ringtone for sale in Japan that is quite popular, because people claim that by listening to the ringtone, women’s breasts grow bigger. The claim is that it has to do with subliminal messages, which historically people have pitched to get you to change some behavior, not actually grow body parts. This one sounds about as likely as the kids on mobile phones think smarter story. Also, it’s worth noting that the original story the Inquirer based this on claims it’s an English transcription of an article from a local Japanese language publication — and they refuse to vouch for its contents, so it sounds like something that may have come from the equivalent of the supermarket tabloids in Japan. Update: Indeed, the publication in question, Shukan Gendai, appears to have a reputation as being something similar to a supermarket tabloid — though with occasional journalistic scoops.

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