Nextel OKs FCC Spectrum Swap Plan

A couple of weeks ago, FCC Chairman Powell went to congress and asked that his spectrum swap proposal become law. At the time, we wrote, “…Nextel is likely to approve the swap proposal, so I question the need for a law to push the rope. As predicted today, Nextel’s CEO Tim Donohue signaled Nextel’s basic agreement with the terms of the swap plan. However, Nextel is still trying to reduce the amount of money it puts into the deal by some $452M, and there is reason to believe Verizon Wireless was right that this was being negotiated with the FCC behind closed doors. Regardless, this is good progress in a plan that will alleviate radio interference for emergency service personnel, and possibly save lives. As we’ve said before, to the people of the US, a fast solution is better than a perfect solution.

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