Forget Harm, Mobile Phones Help Kids Think Clearly?

from the wait-a-second... dept

Every month or so, yet another study comes out that says mobile phone radiation either does, or does not, cause some sort of bodily harm, often in the form of cancer. Each study is trumpeted by the press as the definitive study on the subject, only to have that view completely turned around a month later. That’s why we tend not to write about those sorts of studies any more (and, yes, there was one earlier this week). However, the head of the PTA in the UK is now claiming that mobile phones help kids think clearly. He’s quoted as saying: “From a perspective of pupil performance, it can enhance things, because that heating effect actually improves the neuron transfers between neural pathways, and therefore your thinking ability goes up.” This, of course, seems to go well beyond what any study has — though, the guy in question claims a nameless British scientist told him this, so, obviously, it must be true.

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