DoCoMo Moving Their Deal To Cingular

While early reports suggested that NTT DoCoMo was thrilled beyond belief to get a chance to get out of their less-than-successful relationship with AT&T Wireless thanks to Cingular’s buyout, it looks like they still want to make sure they’re a presence in the US. They’re now working on a deal with Cingular, perhaps hoping that Cingular’s management won’t screw up as badly as AT&T Wireless’s did. This is probably good news all around. It will let Cingular make use of an i-mode style system, which is about the most reasonable (though, it still has problems) method of offering services and applications on mobile phones. Derek Adds: Give us at Techdirt an A- grade for our crystal ball work: just after the bidding ended back in February I wrote, “…we may see mMode expand across the combined company…”. We took DoCoMo at their word when they said they would be backing away, but if we were smart, then we should have been one bit smarter to predict that if mMode stayed, so would DoCoMo.

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