Surviving Two Weeks With No Internet

from the how-much-do-you-rely-on-it? dept

Just how much do you rely on the internet on a daily basis? There are some people who can easily leave the internet completely behind when on vacation. However, what about doing everyday things that you’ve come to rely on it for? An experiment sponsored by Yahoo had 28 people give up the internet for two weeks to see how they coped. Not everyone took it so well. They increased usage of other media like the telephone, television and movies to replace the missing internet. One couple claims their phone bill tripled. While the lack of email was definitely a nuisance, it was “the little things” that really seemed to get to some. Not being able to get directions online and (the most embarrassing situation, apparently) not knowing how to boil an egg, and having no idea where to go to figure it out seemed to be the biggest problem. Honestly, though, for all the talk about people being “addicted” to the internet, this suggests that’s not the case at all for the (small) group of people involved in this experiment. It’s just that they find the internet useful in getting random every day tasks done.

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Comments on “Surviving Two Weeks With No Internet”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Holiday

yeah, but I still have my phone. And my phone can be reached via the internet (SMS or mail-to-SMS), which makes us not really disconnected.

You’re probably over 45, so, according to Douglas Adams the Internet’s current incarnation is just against the natural order of things and you can easily live without it or prefer to do so. 😎

xman says:

Re: Re: Holiday

I am over 50. And I am connected to the Internet pretty well most of the time I am awake (apart from the times when I am having a life : I do have one)

However, I don’t miss it when I am away. My phone doesn’t do Internet and even if it did I wouldn’t use it on holiday – I don’t even by newspapers when I am on holiday.

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