Techies Lined Up For Disney Job?

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Rumors are flying this weekend that Yahoo CEO Terry Semel may be the leading candidate to replace Michael Eisner at Disney. Semel, of course, comes from the media world and was actually a surprise hire at Yahoo, which he joined from Warner Brothers. He still commutes to Yahoo from Southern California, flying up to Silicon Valley for half the week. The article has anonymous quotes from people suggesting both that he would like to take it and that he wouldn’t. Obviously, there’s still plenty to be done at Yahoo, and it would probably anger a lot of people if he bailed out now. Still, what’s more interesting is that many of the “leading candidate” rumors are from the tech world (even if they have plenty of media credentials): along with Semel, there’s Meg Whitman (who says she’s not interested in the job) and Steve Jobs, who has been rumored for plenty of top media company jobs lately. No matter what, it’s interesting to note that experience in the tech/internet world is also seen as at least somewhat valuable in the media world. It’s a step in the right direction, as no media company is going to remain successful if they don’t understand what’s happening in tech.

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Comments on “Techies Lined Up For Disney Job?”

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1 Comment
Chomper says:

No Subject Given

In some ways, I think it’s the other way around, it’s not so much the tech credentials, but what these people have been able to do in the media world. Steve Jobs is a perfect example of someone who can span both worlds. I doubt we’d see Andy Grove leading something like Disney.

It’s just the fact that these people are smart and savvy and know how to do both well.

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