Vertu Finds Plenty Of People With Cash To Spare In Asia

from the buy-up dept

Vertu, the Nokia spinoff, trying to become the “Rolex of mobile phones,” which they prefer to call “instruments” rather than the pedestrian “mobile/cell phones” or (the almost vulgar) “handsets,” is apparently doing well selling their $5,000 to $32,000 phones in Asia. This, of course, is even though such phones tend to have noticeably fewer features (even if what features they do have are gold and diamond encrusted). Of course, the Vertu folks have heard that before, and are ready with the response that a fine Rolex often has fewer features than some cheap digital watches. Also, one last note, for those of you looking to shell out five grand or so on Vertu’s cheapest phone: “Don’t say cheapest. Please say entry level.”

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