Don't Trust E-Voting? Too Bad

from the vote-anyway dept

Over in Maryland, where studies have shown that the e-voting machines are not secure, the courts have decided that if you don’t trust the e-voting machines, that’s your own damn problem. They will not allow people to ask for a paper ballot if they feel uncomfortable using one of those electronic voting machines. The court also found that the state had “done everything necessary” to show the e-voting machines were accurate and secure. Apparently, they have pretty low standards.

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Comments on “Don't Trust E-Voting? Too Bad”

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RJD says:

No Subject Given

Can you say chad ? The unfortunate truth is there is no 100% guarantee of any kind that your vote, when cast, won’t be changed or even counted. In the end, it all comes down to some poor shmuck somewhere who’s tallying things, programming things, etc. Your vote could be a victim of human error or fraud regardless of the technology or lack of technology.

As the Florida re-count showed last year, even the paper verification after the fact is subject to someone’s interpretation some where.

And republicans wouldn’t have it any other way.

John D says:

It's like anything else

We ought to be concerned about e-voting becuase of the potential for fraud. That problem exists with the current paper-based system. That’s why we have a system for ensuring the paper ballot system is kept reasonably accurate and clean (although fraud likely exists to some degree today). We’ll need to put in comparable measures for electronic voting too.

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