Computers Make You Sick

from the healthy-computing dept

Not feeling so good? Perhaps you should blame your computer. A new study says that three out of every four office workers have health problems because they’re not properly trained to use their computer. The problems are pretty obvious: back problems, eyesight problems or headaches. As this becomes a bigger and bigger problem, the suggestion is that corporations need to be more proactive in training people on good computing and good ergonomics. Of course, none of this seems particularly new, and many companies already have ergonomics groups that make sure people are well set up to use their computer in a healthy manner. At some point, good computing practices and good ergonomics are going to be issues that people are trained in at an early age — and not at the office. However, in the meantime, companies who want to protect their employees’ eyes, back and head might want to do a better job ensuring good computing ergonomic practices.

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Comments on “Computers Make You Sick”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:


Jackasses when it comes to “ergonomics”. It’s about getting the cheapest equipment, period. I had to literally steal the right kind of chair for my desk from another part of the office. Some asshole manager who was never there to use it had taken it because it was a “better” chair.

Not surprised in the least by that statistic.

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