Hyperactive Bob At Your Even Faster Food Service

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We’ve all seen it happen. For some reason, entirely independent people seem to arrive at restaurants in bunches. For those working in food preparation, it certainly would be helpful to have at least a little heads up that crowds are coming, and now some fast food restaurants may get the predictive capabilities of Hyperactive Bob. Hyperactive Bob is a new system that uses cameras to monitor cars entering the parking lot and the drive-through lane to give kitchen workers a heads up that a rush is coming, and even suggests what they might want to start cooking up. So, for example, knowing that five cars just drove into the parking lot, Hyperactive Bob can be fairly certain that someone will order a hamburger within the next three minutes, so the food prep folks might as well get one steamed/nuked/flame broiled (or however its prepared in fast food kitchens these days). Now, if only Hyperactive Bob could be used at the office too, telling people how busy they’re going to be and suggesting that maybe they should get the new coversheets running for the latest TPS reports, rather than waiting around for the boss to come by.

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