Netflix + TiVo: Done

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Back in January, we had discussed that coming convergence of TV and movies in the video-on-demand space and discussed the somewhat obvious connection of TiVo + Netflix. It appears that the management of both of those companies has figured it out as well, as Newsweek has the “high level sources” rumor mill spinning about TiVo and Netflix teaming up to offer a combined movies-on-demand service. While the details aren’t there, this does make a lot of sense for both companies, who each need to differentiate themselves from the growing competition within their space. Both have built up great brand names, and extraordinarily loyal followings, but are now facing strong competition from more established players with huge wallets. A combined solution that let users download movies directly to their TiVo (and, even better, take them “on the go” with TiVoToGo) has tremendous potential and would keep them a step ahead of the competition for now. Still, it remains to be seen exactly how they implement this solution. If it’s not done well, it could be damaging to the reputation of both companies, while taking attention away from their existing solutions. It’s also unclear if there will be exclusivity in this relationship, or if both players will be able to team up with others as well.

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Comments on “Netflix + TiVo: Done”

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August Jackson (user link) says:


If this actually happens and is implemented well, I can only say one thing: Sweeeeeeet!

This would be a really great move for both companies, and as a TiVo customer I would be thrilled to use this (in case you couldn’t guess). Where both companies seem to shine is in their ability to present consumers with recommendations based on their past viewings. There is an overwhelming wealth of content availabl. Traditional distribution methods for content such as network television and major theater film releases are disintegrating. The ability to bring customers in touch with content they want but may not even know exists is going to be a key element to success.

Nipsey Russell says:

Re: hey great

Netflix has a Crappy, white bread selection?!? I think not, maybe you are thinking of blockbuster.
I am a devoted NF customer exactly because they have a healthy selection of Asian and other foreign cinema. Recently I have rented Suicide Club, Ichi the Killer, the ring, Dead or Alive, versus, Fulltime Killer, Ringu, The Eye (all Japan), Joint Security Area (Korea), in my skin (France), Time and Tide (China). Obviously they don?t have every movie, but if that?s wonder bread, then feed me!

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