Caller ID Spoofing Business Owner Bails Out Following Death Threats

from the so-much-for-that-plan dept

Last week, we had mentioned the story of a company that was offering caller ID spoofing for collections agencies and private investigators. Earlier this week, the company officially launched the solution and the press went wild… as did many angry people, apparently. The guy behind the business says he’s been inundated with angry calls and emails, and even had a death threat taped to his door. The anger apparently isn’t so much about the fact that he’ll be spoofing phone numbers, but that he’s basically revealing this technology commercially that was previously only used by hackers and crackers, who now feel he’s somehow selling out. In fact, the response has been so crazy that he has decided to sell the business — though, the stories of death threats probably won’t do much good for the selling price, which makes this whole story seem a bit odd. Why not just shut down the service? If people are really pissed that he’s making money off of this, won’t selling it off be just as bad? Something doesn’t seem right about the whole story.

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Comments on “Caller ID Spoofing Business Owner Bails Out Following Death Threats”

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eskayp says:

Caller ID Spoofing

Were I doing something like that it would be behind 3 layers of anonymity.
This guy may have been totally naive, or not as slick as he fancied himself.
He has enraged people who are adamant about privacy and do not want to be found by agencies trying to track them.
Some of those shadowy sorts are likely ‘action oriented’ individuals or groups.
He’s put the mark of the beast on his own forehead.
Lots of Luck!

Anonymous Coward says:

Useless really...

Well, unless he has a patent or something the 7th Rule of the New Economey applies:

7 – Do something the nobody else has yet (or take something that every techie can do and turn it into a service for which you can charge money), wait 6 months trying to be brought, financed or IPOed and watch as 6 other upstarts steal your idea and market share diluting the novelty and worth of your idea/effort.

The folks making death threats (if there actually are any) are just wasting their time and effort fighting the unending tide of progress.

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