Patents Harming Software Innovation

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It appears that there’s a common theme emerging from those who understand how the patent system works. Lots of people have said it before, but here’s yet another opinion piece explaining how software patents are killing innovation, by making it nearly impossible to build any new software product, without a huge liability risk. It points out, again, that true innovation isn’t in coming up with the idea, but the application of the idea. Limiting the application to a single company that claims they got their first kills off many creative approaches to innovation, slowing down innovation and harming the overall economy. What’s scary is that, for all the talk explaining this problem, almost nothing is actually being done to reform the patent system in the right direction.

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Comments on “Patents Harming Software Innovation”

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1 Comment
TJ (user link) says:

Fear not

Fear not… The stupidity of the patent system, of the RIAA/MPAA, of the current US White House, olympic judges, and our neighbors may be because it is likely we are living inside a computer simulation. See the URL above for more.

Since people continue to breed like bunnies despite the limited resources on this Earth, if this is a simulation then each person’s thoughts are going to get fewer CPU cycles per time period. So the average person gets dumber every year, which clearly seems to be the case.

But take comfort in the fact that if this is a simulation then it is important to be entertaining to its masters. And the current level of stupidity of the human species overall must surely be quite entertaining these days to an outside observer. 🙂

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