Will The Air Force Buy Computers With Little Green Men On Them?

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Alienware has made quite a name for itself in the gaming world, making high end, stylish computers designed for (and built by) gamers. Now, however, they want to expand into other areas, including selling to government and military officials who need higher end hardware — leading to amusing situations where Alienware’s founder is showing off their “Area 51” computer, complete with the signature Alienware alien face with glowing eyes, to a group of Pentagon and Air Force officials. One other interesting point in the article is that Area 51 says they want to get customer service right — and that means not doing it the way almost every other computer maker does. For example, if you speak to one customer service representative, you can always ask to speak to that same rep again, to avoid having to re-explain everything. Having recently needed to waste countless hours on the phone trying to explain some computer problems (and getting different, and often contradictory answers each time), this simple idea sounds quite intelligent (though, perhaps much more difficult to handle logistically as a company grows).

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Comments on “Will The Air Force Buy Computers With Little Green Men On Them?”

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Bis says:

Customer Service was a bad experience.

Starting with the $600 rebate they denied me and so many others for no reason. Thats when I most need their customer assistance, to figure out what could be done about a “lost” rebate. Its a shame, they would not even let me speak to a manager and provided all sorts of lame excuses. Even their strategy during the sales stage was a bit shakey.

Whatever. My very expensive notebook is still working and it better remain like that.

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