No Patience For Patience? Blame Broadband!

from the say-what? dept

Apparently, the world has less patience these days, and it’s all broadband’s fault. Yes, that’s right. This always on, give me answers now, now, now, fast, fast, fast world has meant that we no longer enjoy being put on hold by the support staff to find out why our (oops) broadband connection is down or waiting in line. Just yesterday, at the supermarket, the guy in front of me, who just wanted to buy a bag of apples got fed up when the woman at the front of the line seemed to be having trouble coming up with enough money. He stormed off in a huff, tossing the bag of apples on an adjacent counter. Obviously, he must have been one of these crazy, impatient broadband customers. Somehow, I doubt our growing impatience has anything to do with the speed of our internet connection, but the growing element of our life that seems to involve being on hold or in line just to get the bad service we don’t deserve.

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