Dialup WiFi?

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Just because you have a really slow, not always on, internet connection to the outside world, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to set up a home network or surf “wirelessly” on your laptop. Sensing the power of niche (and shrinking) markets, some company has apparently come up with a dialup WiFi hub. That’s right, plug it in to a phone jack, have it handle the dialing, and surf away… at 56k, but without wires. Seems almost… pointless. Update: And, as has been made abundantly clear, there are plenty of products on the market that already do this, though, they most are also regular WiFi boxes as well. The point on this one seems to be that it’s just dialup.

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Comments on “Dialup WiFi?”

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jayrtfm says:

you missed the point

you said “the point on this one seems to be that it’s just dialup. “
from your link:
>>device is smaller then a paperback book for easy travel and also has an Ethernet port
from the http://www.alwaysonwireless.com website:
>>WiFlyer also doubles as a portable broadband wireless access point when an Ethernet connection is available
seems to me that this is a usefull product

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