Citibank Phishing Address Rejects Submissions As Spam

from the they-must-things-are-going-great dept

Brian writes “Citibank’s working so hard to fight phishing that they can’t even manage to take the spam filter off the address used to submit potential scams. I guess this goes along with their $100 million ad campaign to fight identity theft – you know, the one that’s all advertising, but no actual solutions? Just for fun, go to, click on Search, and type in “Identity Theft Solutions”. 0 search results. This isn’t a rant against Citi, I just wish they would actually do something about identity theft and phishing instead of just creating ads and putting out worthless e-mail accounts for reporting scams.” You have to wonder, if all those emails are getting rejected by the Citi phishing alert system if they even realize there’s a problem at all.

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Comments on “Citibank Phishing Address Rejects Submissions As Spam”

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