Olympics Shut Down Online Radio Stream Of Radio Stations

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It appears the folks running the Olympics are so focused on controlling (i.e., “selling”) the rights to broadcast accounts of the Olympic games that they’re forcing some radio stations to shut down their internet streams. The radio stations in question have regular radio broadcast rights for the Olympics, but since they didn’t pay up to internet broadcast rights, they need to turn off their internet streams for the duration of the games. Considering the fact that it appears that no one is actually attending these games in person, apparently, the Olympics has decided that they’re going to squeeze broadcasters for every last penny. Ah, the spirit of the games.

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Comments on “Olympics Shut Down Online Radio Stream Of Radio Stations”

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Chomper says:

No Subject Given

Agreed, the Olympics have turned into another media event. Spoiled professional atheletes have been let into what used to be a amateur sporting event.

Watching the US Basketball team was an embarssment of utter proportion. No pride and plenty of whining.

I’m not surprised that the Olympics flopped so badly. Watch them blame everything on terrorism.

Jeff says:


You know something similar is happening w/ Baseball. AM 980 in DC always broadcasts the games on AM. So when I was at work I was expecting to be able to tune into AM 980 online and listen to the game, but NO. Major League Baseball makes them block out all of the baseball games on their online radio stream. That really ticked me off. I mean I can listen to it for free on the radio. Why can’t I listen to it for free online. That really ticked me off. Now I dislike MLB even more than I did before.

Mark says:


Considering what a financial black hole the Olympics has become — with a gazillion sports, all needing their own arenas, most of which will never be used again after the games — selling the broadcast rights for top dollar is the only chance the host countries have to even approach break-even status. They’re convinced that the only way to protect the value of the broadcast rights is to make them exclusive, hence the prohibition on Internet broadcasts that would allow us to bypass NBC. And honestly, they may be right. The only way to fix the problem is to cut back on the number of events and focus the games on sports that truly have a worldwide audience, but they’ve been talking about that for decades without really doing anything about it. If they ever manage to do that, the games would be less expensive to put on, which would make it less critical that they squeeze every last dollar out of every conceivable source. But that would mean that rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming would be eliminated as medal events — and we can’t have that!!!

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