Did Google Get Loud On Purpose?

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Well, it’s a ridiculously slow news day, so it’s really no surprise that something like this might boil up. Following yesterday’s efforts to give techies and investment types an extra reason to buy a copy of Playboy, IPO pundit Tom Taulli is (half jokingly… I think) rolling out the rumor that Google purposely pushed Playboy to get the interview out in order to have the SEC delay their IPO until slightly more favorable conditions existed. That would seem especially sneaky, and it’s unlikely it’s actually what happened. Though, if it is what they tried to do, it appears the plan didn’t work. The SEC has made Google explain away the difference between their filings and the Playboy article, but otherwise has let the IPO move forward.

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Comments on “Did Google Get Loud On Purpose?”

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not vc says:

more like draw attention to the ipo

Now everyone in the country has heard that google (and something about PLAYBOY, ooh) is IPOing today. Something else to talk about besides that super fat lady glued to her couch.

Perfect way to draw everyone that never heard of google or heard of google but wasnt following the ipo back into the EXCITING fold of google IPO TODAY!

(just my opinion, they seem to do a lot of sneaky things on purpose over at google).

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