Oh, Sure, Now The MPAA Settles With 321

from the thanks-there dept

Sometimes you wonder why they even bothered. After completely stomping 321 Software out of business by saddling them with lawsuits claiming their useful software was a tool of pirates, rather than for backing up what people legally owned, now the MPAA announces that they’ve “settled” with the company. Seems like a Michael Corleone-style settlement. Meanwhile, Jack Valenti gets in a bogus quote about how this shows that there’s no leniency for breaking copyright laws. Of course, there’s never been any proof that anyone using 321’s software broke copyright laws – which is something 321 showed by offering a $10,000 reward for anyone who could find a “pirated” DVD made using 321’s software.

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Comments on “Oh, Sure, Now The MPAA Settles With 321”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Double Standard

“Software on discs come with plenty of copy protection features”
— such as the one the 16 year old norwegian kid cracked?

“and there is a lot of software piracy that goes on”
— seen it firsthand, have you? Offer proof, much?

Dorpus, your country is showing, and it’s obvious you’ve been watching too many “piracy takes money from my kids” ads at the beginning of “I, robot” that you’re believing a dollar not taken is a dollar lost.

I assert that the vast, vast majority of vob copying apps are used to *legally* duplicate DVD media, and that by far most blank media is for similarly legitimate uses. I’ll back up my facts like you did. Read it a few times and you’ll believe them too – it’s apparent you’ll believe anything you’re told enough times.

I used to respect your posts, Dorpus. Get off the drugs.

Loraan says:

No Subject Given

It amazes me that some people refuse to even acknowledge that DVD copying software IS used to pirate discs by lots of folks. Granted, the people who make the software can’t acknowledge it, or they might lose their “significant noninfringing use” exemption, but what about the rest of us? Some people used DVDxCopy to back up their legally owned discs. Lots of people also used it to copy rented discs or copy discs from friends. It’s absurd to suggest otherwise.

Brad Hill (user link) says:

321 & copyright law

I mourn the passing of 321 as much as anybody, but you’re wrong about needing proof that its users broke copyright law. I’m not a lawyer, but it seems clear that the company is in violation of section 1201 of the DMCA, by offering code that breaks copy-protection. That’s all the MPAA needs, and that’s one reason why the DMCA needs to be repealed.

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