A Bump In Speed For Standard 802.11G?

Over at Unstrung, they’ve got an article discussing how a new solution from Meru Networks may alleviate the throttled-back performance of Wi-Fi G when in the presence of ‘B’ equipment. So far, the ‘B’ signals have forced the ‘G’ equipment to reduce their speeds so as not to confuse/interfere with the older, more established ‘B’. The benefits of ‘G’ are severely limited by this constraint because there is so much ‘B’ gear installed that the ‘throttled-back G’ speed is basically what you get. Even if you upgrade all your laptops, PCs, and access points to the ‘G’ standard, if a neighbor uses ‘B’ on the same channel, then basically so do you. If the Meru claim is validated, this could be a significant step forward for WiFi performance (unlike proprietary LR or “turbo” tweaks.)

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