Forget Drugs, Now Kids Are Stealing To Support Their Mobile Phone Habit

from the gotta-get-a-hit-of-SMS dept

We’ve had plenty of stories in the past about how stealing mobile phones was a popular crime, but how about stealing other stuff to pay for mobile phone service? A group of kids in Australia went around on a crime spree that netted approximately $30,000. When asked why they did it, the kids claimed it was to pay their mobile phone bills. Reading that, makes me think they just said that as an excuse. Who needs that much money to pay a mobile phone bill (er… other than Joi Ito)? However, the judge in the case has decided that this must be the new trend: kids are going to start stealing to support their mobile phone habit. Of course, he admits it’s the first time he’s heard of it, but he finds the idea so compelling that he’s just sure it’s going to be a trend, and that he’ll soon be seeing these mobile phone addicted juveniles coming into court on a daily basis, rather than the typical dope addicts. Maybe he should wait for a bit more evidence.

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Comments on “Forget Drugs, Now Kids Are Stealing To Support Their Mobile Phone Habit”

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auMoose Cowherda (user link) says:

Kids Are Stealing To Support Their Mobile Phone Ha

Oz has pre-paid & post paid mobiles. post paid is better value but you need a credit history & drivers license etc. shops are ‘spose to get your details (address, drivers license etc) before selling pre-paid (it stops terrorists, really it does) but half of the shops see it as govt paperwork which negates their profit on a $50 or 100 pre-paid mobile. the bottom line is, kids buy their own pre-paid mobiles which have exorbitant call rates. the telco’s dont care, as all they see is $$$. so a few of them steal shiat & go to jail. its the new world order….

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