A Disney Computer?

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The Walt Disney Company hasn’t been particularly friendly with the tech industry lately, but maybe that’s because they think technology is easy. They’ve apparently decided that, despite the general trouble most companies seem to have with selling PCs, Disney can do better selling their own PC for kids. It will, of course, come with all sorts of “proprietary programs” (would you expect anything else?) and something called “ContentProtect” which is apparently an email and internet filter (makes sense for a kid’s computer). Of course, it’s unclear how much control the parents will have over that filter or if it’s a Disney-knows-best sort of thing. Also, the software will let kids create videos of themselves with the Disney characters, though it seems likely that these will be seriously locked down with copy protection, because who knows what someone might do if they could send around their own videos with Mickey… Of course, if that happened, Disney would probably just call up some of their friends in Congress to pass a special law just for them, while getting the FBI to bust down some doors as well.

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